Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA)- Causes, and Treatment

Definition Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) or Wegener’s Granulomatosis (WG) is an uncommon type of inflammation of small arteries and veins (vasculitis). It classically involves inflammation of the arteries that supply blood to the tissues of the lungs, the nasal passages (sinuses), and the kidneys. “Incomplete” forms exist that only involve …

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Gastroschisis- Overview, Diagnosis and Treatment

Definition Gastroschisis is a relatively uncommon condition that occurs in approximately 1 in 5,000 live births. It is one of a group of birth defects known as abdominal wall defects, which occur very early in gestation and are characterized by an opening in the abdominal wall of the fetus. Most …

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Gastroparesis- Definition, Causes, and Treatment

Definition Gastroparesis means partial paralysis of the stomach. The word ‘gastro’ refers to the stomach, and the word ‘paresis’ means partial paralysis. To understand what goes wrong in gastroparesis, it is important to know how a healthy digestive tract functions. When we eat, we start by chewing and swallowing (ingesting), …

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