Viral diseases

Aseptic Meningitis – Causes, Treatment, and Complications.

Overview Aseptic meningitis is an illness characterized by serous inflammation of the linings of the brain (i.e., meninges), usually with an accompanying mononuclear pleocytosis. Clinical manifestations vary, with headache and fever predominating. The illness is usually mild and runs its course without treatment; however, some cases can be severe and …

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Rubella – Overview, Risk Factors, and Prevention.

Overview – Rubella Rubella is commonly known as German measles or 3-day measles — is an infection that mostly affects the skin and lymph nodes. It is caused by the rubella virus (not the same virus that causes measles). German measles spreads when people breathe in virus-infected fluid, such as …

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Rotavirus Infection – Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis.

Overview – Rotavirus Infection Rotavirus Infection is caused by Rotavirus, a contagious virus that causes diarrhea. It’s the most common cause of diarrhea in infants and children worldwide, resulting in over 215,000 deaths annually. Before the development of a vaccine, most children in the United States had been infected with …

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