Leptospirosis – Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

What is Leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is a rare bacterial infection we get from animals. It’s spread through their urine, especially from dogs, rodents, and farm animals. They may not have any symptoms, but they can be carriers. In most cases, leptospirosis is unpleasant but not life-threatening, like a case of the …

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Lymphangitis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment.

What is Lymphangitis? Lymphangitis is an infection or inflammation of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a crucial part of the immune system. It is designed to collect fluids from cells and tissues in the body and help them re-enter the bloodstream. The organs within the lymphatic system, such …

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Leukonychia – Description, Complications, and Treatment.

What is leukonychia? Leukonychia also called white nail syndrome, can occur with arsenic poisoning, heart disease, renal failure, pneumonia, or hypoalbuminemia. Leukonychia was first described by Mees in 1919, as an associated finding in arsenic intoxication. Leukonychia or white nail describes the appearance of one or more fingernails and/or toenails that …

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