Bronchiectasis: Causes, Manifestations and Management.

Introduction Bronchiectasis is an abnormal, chronic enlargement of the bronchi, the passageways from the trachea to the alveoli that are the air-exchanging parts of the lungs. Bronchiectasis generally occurs as a result of infection, although noninfectious factors may contribute to the development of this condition. Accompanying the enlargement of the …

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Breast Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention.

Introduction Breast cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the milk producing glands of the breast or in the passages (ducts) that deliver milk to the nipples. It can begin in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly. …

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Bladder Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, and Medications.

Introduction Bladder cancer begins when healthy cells in the bladder lining, most commonly urothelial cells, change and grow out of control, forming a mass called a tumor. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can grow and spread to other parts of the …

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