Tinnitus – Overview, Types, Causes, and Treatment

Definition Tinnitus is a condition where the person has the perception of a constant ringing sensation within the ears without the presence of any actual external factors. The continuous discomfort in the ears can be in any form like buzzing, hissing, clicking etc. The feeling can either be temporary or …

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Optic neuritis- Causes, Diagnosis and Management

Definition Optic neuritis is the inflammation of the optic nerve (the second cranial nerve). The inflammation causes a fairly rapid loss of vision in the affected eye, a new blind spot (a scotoma, usually in or near the center of the visual field), pain in the eyeball (often occurring with …

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Epiphora or Watery Eyes – Overview and Causes.

Overview – Watery Eyes Watery eyes can be completely mystifying. You might expect to tear up when remembering a heart-pulverizing breakup or reading about unlikely animal friendships. But in the middle of the day while just going about your life? Not so much. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons your …

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